Let there be light… in your Christmas cake!

I was wandering along the internet, minding my own business, looking at some lovely ideas for Christmas cakes. Every year I bake and decorate my Mum and Dad’s Christmas cake. When I was little it was a vision of royal icing in a snowstorm pattern with lots of plastic cake decorations rammed in the top. As I got older I hope it gained a little more finesse and my brother was drafted in to do some smooth swooping icing; he’s slightly obsessive about that type of thing and so three hours later it would always come out looking spectacular. Now I like to forego the plastic decorations – I limit myself to a ‘tasteful’ one at most – and make some sugar decs myself. This was last year’s effort, as my Mum is a big The Snowman fan! 2013 Christmas Cake

Anyway, I was trawling the net looking at some lovely ideas such as…

Rocky robin cake

This Rocky Robin cake from BBC Good Food, very cute…

Marshmallow cake

This is a “chocolate gingerbread with marshmallow icing” cake, which isn’t my cup of tea at all but I adore the minimalist decoration. This would be fantastic for a Jamaican Christmas Cake.

Father Christmas in bed

Father Christmas in bed I totally adore.

Stars and Sparkle cake

This Stars and Sparkle cake from The Pink Whisk (with step-by-step instructions)

But then… I saw this.

Electric cake

Devastatingly, there are no detailed instructions to how this astonishing thing is made. However the creator has made a tutorial with some images, you can find it here. It looks a little beyond my skill set, and I have a feeling that I’d probably burn the cake house down with the lights, but how utterly sensational would this be to bring out after Christmas dinner!

Merry Christmas xx


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